Discover your own Kyoto as you stroll around the stone paved streets along Ochaya buildings and lose yourself in small, centuries' old back alleyways.
You can walk to many famous tourist spots from Shiraume Ryokan: Yasaka Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Shore-in Temple, Kodai Temple, Kiyomizu Temple,Kenjin Temple.
We are about a 5 minute walk from Shijo Street and downtown Kyoto.
Other nearby attractions include Furumonzen, Shin-furumonzen and Nawate Streets packed with antique shops, tea-ceremony-accessory shops and craft stores drawing aficionados from all over Japan and the world.
For outstanding dining experiences, we can recommend a wide range of restaurants and cafes near-by: sushi, udon noodles, traditional Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, bars, Japanese sweets, Matcha green tea shops,etc.

The Shiraume Ryokan is perfect in every way: sightseeing, dining, shopping or just relaxing.
We wish you a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of modern Japan -- and hope you will choose Shiraume Ryokan as your home away from home in the Old Capital, Kyoto.


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