Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of a classic Gion ochaya building.
Some rooms have a garden view and some are by the stream. Every room is full of special things made by Kyoto craftsmen.

Bar Hatsune

For your ultimate relaxation, why not enjoy a drink at our bar? You can look on to the serene Shirakawa Stream and enjoy romantic night views of the area and our extensive offering of sakes, beers and spirits.In the morning, guests can have breakfast here watching the stream twinkling brightly beyond the windows while contemplating the exciting day ahead.

Japanese style baths, “Ofuro”: Hakubai and Koubai

We have two wooden Ofuro at our guests disposal.
The entire bath tub is made from Japanese Hinoki cypress, which is considered the finest bath tub material in Japan.
Feel the warmth of Hinoki and its refreshing scent.
The bath space is equipped with a jacuzzi and floor heating.
The water is natural groundwater -- good for your skin and keeps you warm.
The bath space is private, so you can have a soak to your hearts' content.

Small Library Umetayori

Books and magazines about travel and Kyoto, free internet access, rental CDs and DVDs are also available here.
So is a small shop with selected Kyoto and Japanese handy crafts.


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