We at Shiraume offer traditional Kaiseki cuisine, prepared with the finest in-season ingredients from Kyoto and its vicinities.
Delicate mountain vegetables and bamboo shoots in spring. Hamo (conger eel) and Kamo eggplant in summer. Chestnuts and matsutake mushrooms in autumn. Kabura turnips and guji fish in winter.
We specialize in procuring the freshest ingredients that are only available during the season.

Dinner is served in several courses.
*Dinner options for guests and non-overnight guest:Our Kaiseki cuisine can be served in private rooms (reservation required).
We will accept one group per night per room to ensure privacy and a truly special dining experience.
Feel at home with our hearty Japanese breakfast -- a typical Kyoto home-style experience.
Fluffy Japanese omelette using special stock is our signature dish.
It's prepared fresh early each morning by "Grandma," one of our oldest staff members.
She has worked at Shiraume for more than 40 years and her delicacies are a favorite of long-time regulars and new guests alike.
There's no better way to start a day right than Grandma's cooking!


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